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Monthly Archives: June 2010

Do I really want to teach yoga?

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“Do I really want to teach yoga?” is a question I ask myself all the time. I have already graduated from college after 4 years with a diploma I don’t use.  Will this be another one of those pieces of paper?  It really isn’t an important answer because when it comes to yoga it truly is the journey.  Which might translate to it is not the diploma that counts but the journey to deepen my practice.

There must have been 15 of us packed in the garden area of OG.  It was a hot sticky night and I think we were all nervous.  It kind of felt like an audition.  I hope I get it!  I hope I get in!  We all were there to find out about an adventure ahead of us.  I attended the information night with a long list of questions and just ended up listening.   It was a lot more interesting to listen to the other’s questions, they asked everything I wanted to know and more.   Read the rest of this entry

My yoga practice deepens…

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My yoga practice deepens every time I connect to my awareness of yoga living in my body as I am going through my day. When I pay attention to my breath as I sit in the car in traffic, I deepen my practice. When I sit on my front porch after a long day and close my eyes to focus my attention to the present moment, I deepen my practice. When I really listen to those around me and open my heart to connections and community, I deepen my practice. When I relate to my son from a place of openness and receptivity, I deepen my practice. When I catch myself thinking in ways that are judgmental and critical towards myself and others, I deepen my practice. When I come to class and practice asana on my mat with my community, I deepen my practice. When I give love to others more freely, I deepen my practice. When I trust the idea that there is a larger universal force that guides me and protects me, I deepen my yoga practice.

~ Elisse Peltz, Peer Mentor