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Thank You Pat and Myriam!

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Creativity is about creating space, space which allows things to move, take form, come into being.  Space as possibility, uncharted territory.  Emotional space.  Conceptual Space.  Creative space.  Wisdom=space around reaction.

Today was the last day of Pat and Myriam’s collaboration.  We started the class doing sun salutations with instruction, then on our own.  Then we switched to listening to the class’s breath to flow together as a group.  To finish we experimented with completing the sun salutation with eyes closed and trusting our synergy as a group.  Not rushing ahead or speeding up to keep with the group.  We had to practice selflessness.

We then ended the class doing free flow yoga.  Interpreting the classic postures in any way our bodies felt like moving.  We spend so much time practicing how we think the teacher wants us to look or we have set expectations on the end pose, our goal pose, our Yoga Journal cover shot.  We were given a free pass to create.  What freedom!  What joy!

Pat finished with these words: Creating space for life, a beginner’s mind.  Listening to our own voice and be inspired by the voices of others.  She asked us: If you had to choose one word to describe what you are taking away from this week, what would it be?  I said , Support.  Yoga supports my life.  I stand with two feet firmly planted on the ground because of it.  Today I learned to add a little creativity into it too.  Flow man flow.

Thank you.  What a great week.

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