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Day 3: Manomaya Kosha

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Manomaya is the mind sheath, Mana means the mind.   It is said more truly to approximate to personhood than annamaya kosa and pranamaya kosha.  It is the cause of our diversity, of I and mine.  The indian scholar Sankara likens it to the clouds that are brought in by the wind and again driven away by the same agency.

Through some challenging postures this morning, we challenged our minds.  Our inner dialogue came up with reasons to come out of postures, stay in, complain to ourselves, dislike our teachers, love our teachers for pushing us and rejoice in getting out of the posture.  A good example is, it is like a supervisor in a factory, in that it gives instructions, but is not supposed to be the manager of the factory of life. Because of this, it naturally has doubts, and created illusions. When it receives clear instructions from the deeper level, it functions quite well. However, when it is clouded over by its illusions, the deeper wisdom is clouded over.

We ended the class by dividing the class in two and half went into supported Supta Baddha Konasana.  The other half choose a recipient to support.  We went over and put blocks under their knees to add some ease.  Then we held their hands and sent loving kindness to them.  We closed our eyes and synced our breaths, it was deep and very emotional.  Our minds and hearts created support for a stranger.  Wow.

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