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Day 5: The room was filled with so much love.

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Bliss – Anandamaya kosha

Ananda means bliss.  However, it is not bliss as a mere emotion experienced at the level of the sheath of mind. Ananda is a whole different order of reality from that of the mind. It is peace, joy, and love that is underneath, beyond the mind, independent of any reason or stimulus to cause a happy mental reaction. It is simply being, resting in bliss called ananda.

As I looked around today as the week came to an end, I sat with true bliss thinking about one of the best parts of yoga- friends.  As you become an adult you discover it gets more difficult to make new friendships like you did when you were a kid.  You have work acquaintances and colleagues.  You are friendly to the neighbours and you might even have a golf/tennis buddy.  But in yoga you realize that none of us want or need anything from the other.  We are all on our mats on our own.  You see what other students have accomplished by coming to practice on a regular basis as a common thread tying us all together.  

You can know someone at your studio for a year and still not know what they do for a living.  You might be surprised when you find out.  You don’t hear, “So what do you do?”  as a start to most yoga conversations.  People introduce themselves with a smile and talk about their practice, a retreat they went on, a book they are reading and what the class was like.

All I have to do is look around at the end of a class and look at all the smiles to feel Ananda, I can rest in it.

Thank you Pat and JP for Octopus Garden.

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