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Deepening One’s Practice with Pat

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What does it mean to deepen one’s practice? We will explore this question within the context of the koshas and the idea of placing one’s physical practice in the context of a bigger picture.

“Kosha” comes from the root “kus”, to enfold as in a sheath or cover. We will use the symbol of the Matryoshka doll, also known as a Russian nesting doll, to represent the Five Koshas and to illustrate the process of uncovering; starting with the physical, anatomical body of bones and muscles and moving to the subtle bodies of energy, emotions, wisdom, and intuition or bliss.

As we go deeper within, the physical condition of our bodies becomes less important: “deepening” is taking that leap of faith where we open to possibility, to new ideas and perspectives, to the mystery of life. “Deepening” means diving into the depths of experience, past appearances, past the superficial, and beyond our comfort zones, to access vitality, radiance, and resiliency. “Deepening” is remembering what is important.

Join Pat at the Yoga Festival Toronto, Saturday, August 21st, for this 2-hour, Themes and Sequences workshop, “Deepening One’s Practice”.

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