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Spring is traditionally treated as the time for new beginnings but to me, fall feels like a time to start. To restart? This is the season where the metaphorical and literal fruits of our harvest come in. Taking stock and stockpiling, we are grateful.

Our schools open their doors and our minds open to ideas available once again for us, taking our seat in a long line of the us before now, to ponder and discuss. Friends, mentors and colleagues are back in our day to day lives. Continuity of shared exploration brings possibilities for deep work to begin.

We return from our travels – enriched, rejuvenated, grateful for the comforts of our own nests. Old skin is shed. New appreciation for what we have, for what we have built, develops out of contrasts we discovered in the worlds of those we visited. Having taken ourselves out of our comfort zones, we re-engage with our perennial questions with insight kindled from the fires of unfamiliar experiences.

We begin to layer our bodies once again, resting soft fabrics on our skin and hair, taking the time to take stock of what it is we are protecting. Summer temperatures that allowed for casual outdoor life are replaced by the changeable conditions of early fall, allowing us deliberateness in our decision to leave our homes. As winter’s hints gracefully and slowly whisper into the wind blowing through trees reluctantly shedding their leaves, gratefulness for those few final fresh, warm breezes manifests, almost without conscious thought.

It’s all yoga. Our connection to our bodies, our communities, our world – the fall season offers us an almost outrageously wonderful bounty of moments to explore one at a time, loving each one.

Morgan Cowie, Peer Mentor

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