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Yoga Toes and Yoga Apps

Your teacher walks by you as you lay on your stomach ready to come up into Salabhasana, what are those little blue things wedged in her toes?  And why don’t I have a pair?  And how do I know the Sanskrit name for Locust Pose?

The first answer is YOGA TOES or the proper name is Joy a Toes.  Pat says if there is one thing everyone should own, this is it.

Just like OG expanded their foundation with their new digs, yoga enthusiasts should expand their foundations.

Our toes are kept in tight shoes for many hours a day, they need some room to spread out.  A good foundation starts with the ability to spread your toes out like your hands, it is natural.  Joy a Toes work by wedging your toes apart, start for a couple of hours a day.  Wear them to class or wear them around the house.  I like to wear them in the shower, the warm water will helps your toes relax.  Kate Leinweber, OG’s Registered Holistic Nutrionists, also gave me the tip to pop them in when you get up first thing in the morning with  your socks on. Your toes may ache a little but that is normal, your toes have been cramped for their whole life.  It will be the best $40 you spend this year.

Ok, so how did I know the Sanskrit name for the locust pose? Yoga Deck is an app for my Iphone that has come in handy to memorize the names of yoga postures in a fun way.  The diagrams are great and if you tap on the names it pronounces the names for you.  Go to Itunes and download it (the price is $2.99)

It will be the best $42.99 you’ve spent.

-David Good

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