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The Svâdhyâya Car Wash

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My alarm goes off and I hit the snooze for the 5th time.  “Who’s idea was it to start practicing daily?”  I jump out of bed and  trip on my way to the bathroom on the pile of books I am reading for my teacher training.  That’s a lot of books.

By now I know I am running behind a bit and skip my morning brew and race down to the studio.  The room is packed already and my spot is taken, not that I have a spot.  Who are all these people and who is that new guy in my spot?  I unroll my mat and start my practice, Mysore used to be my favourite class but today all these people are bugging me.  I feel so stiff, I can’t touch my knees without feeling my hamstrings scream in agony.  Why is that new guy in my spot breathing so loud?  Who does he think he is?  This teacher training is ruining my practice…all this self study…oh svâdhyâya!!

One of the best gifts one of my teachers gave me was when all this stuff arises, which it will,  you are in the car wash.  You can’t roll down the windows, you can’t open the doors and get out, you have to just keep going.  Self study brings up your stuff, your fears and so many emotions.  Your practice gets effected too as you are in your body now, this is YOGA.  Every move you make you start to dissect and figure out where you are in space and in your body.

You can suffer in it or celebrate the Svâdhyâya Car Wash. I choose to celebrate it.  Bring it on.  Well maybe not too much!

David Good is a student, yoga teacher,and our blog’s editor. He is also one of OG’s Teacher Trainees in the Effective Teaching: 300-hour Advanced Teacher Training and he has always loved car washes.

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