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You asked: What the Fermentation?!
We asked OG’s Registered Holistic Nutritionist, Kate Leinweber.

Did you know that 80% of our immune system is in our gut and primarily depends on the bacteria that live there? Did you know that there are more bacterial cells than human cells in our body??? Traditional fermented foods are a great way to improve the flora of our intestines and maintain health.
Fermentation is an ancient process used in all traditional forms of cuisine around the world. Originally used as a mode of food preservation whether it be to keep dairy products before the time of refrigeration or to keep vegetables through winter…now ferments are returning to modern kitchens for their health benefits.

Scientifically the process of fermentation breaks down food in a pre-digestion that increases the amounts of vitamins (especially B vitamins including B12 & C), minerals, and protein and improves absorbability of nutrient. The enzyme inhibitor Oxalic acid found in green leafy vegetables is inhibited releasing important minerals like Calcium. The bacteria that conduct the fermentation contribute probiotics to the intestines reducing digestive discomfort and boosting the immune system.

In our winter climate fermented vegetables allow us to consume the necessary vitamins and minerals normally obtained from a diet of fresh foods during the spring and summer. A novel, yet traditional idea that provides us with an alternative to importing vegetables from the other side of the world.

Community Supported Fermentation – Interested in regularly consuming the benefits of fermented foods? Contact Kate about her donation based program.

Check out Kate’s next Fermentation workshop at the Good Egg. Monday April 18th 6:30-9pm.

Kate’s holistic model empowers each client with knowledge of how whole foods can sustain a healthy and whole body.

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