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Beacon of Light

Last night I had a dream
wherein my subconscious beckoned me to make a choice,
to buckle down on a concrete dharmic path,
with warriors, poets, activists and gods dancing
‘round my head.
Oh Gaia, Sophia,
Oh Jesus, Buddha, Hare Hare Krishna!
Is my destiny with Kundalini,
Dancing Shiva, Waking Shakti?
Shall I be Hindi?
A tantrika yogi in for a life of ecstatic bliss?
Dare I be a Taoist?

Oh. God.
I am beneath a boulder called philosophy
and what once seemed so sweet to me
is now the shadow that follows me…
Weighing heavy on my chest
and I am doing my best
to tease out this eternal question of
“Who am I?”
“What should I believe?”
It’s somehow difficult to conceive
that with the vastness of spiritual revolution
there is only one.
One single path tailored for the entire population.
And right before I burst into a thousand yogic pieces
of intertwined flaming gunas,
I am awoken by the sound of:
“Rise and Shine sweet thing
The Sun’s out to lunch and you are the maker of your own warmth.
You are your own light at the end of the tunnel,
Simply transparent and transparently
Rearrange your idealistic mind
On this term defined
As ‘perfection’ as a spiritual notion.”
I am then challenged to put forth what, in my heart, I truly know.

And so:
I know that truth, itself, is change,
that nothing remains the same.
That the million-molecular-makeup of my entire body
moves and ebbs and flows
to the sound of music in the airwaves.
That everything shifts and dies away,
and that this body will too, one day.
I know the truth and power of love
and the softening in strangers faces
When met with compassionate withstanding.
Reaching out to make clear that
No, we are NOT separate,
we are similar souls inhabiting different bodies.
And that just because your journey looks a little different than mine
does not mean I will forget or leave you behind.

Regardless of the name of our path,
if what we deeply believe in continues to transform us into kinder,
more playful, AWEsome human beings
then we have found our perfect practice.
Because, let’s face it:
All the brilliantly bound books and texts in the world
will not make us good people
if our paths are not rooted in our hearts.
And these philosophies started with one
coining these terms of life.
So why can’t we begin our own philosophy
through the whispers of our own hearts?

We are set a part
and were born whole into this world,
connected to the rhythm of the earth
and the pounding in our souls
that no book
or bible
or sutra could shed a light on.
And what if we reached into the sky for answers
only to find our own hands reaching back in
wholly wisdom
As if to say:
“Darling, open your heart and close your eyes, and you will find a big surprise.
Realize that no,
You don’t need to manhandle yourself into full Padmasana to achieve enlightenment.
That no,
not one other individual can give you the blue prints to your own spiritual action.
And nope,
you don’t need to spend the rest of your life in solitude
on top of a mountain
in contemplation.
Because although the view would be magnificent,
there is something significant
about the inner workings of your own buddha nature.

That beneath societal conditioning and fragmented philosophy
there is innate, divine wisdom inside you and me.”

If we remember kindness and simplicity
and find practices that make us sparkly
we become more powerful than superheroes.
More loving than can ever be measured.
And here it is where we delight
in our birthright
to be our own Guru
and our own beacon of light.

*An inspired response to chapter eleven in Jack Kornfield’s book, A Path With Heart.


Written by Megan Marie Gates

Megan Marie is currently blissed out on the following things: hoola-hooping, impromptu dance parties, spoken word poetry, biking, delicious espresso/food/people, intuitive singing, shaking her asana, writing love letters, art in all its brilliant diversity, wandering the globe, picture-taking, tantric texts and making her yoga practice as curious and playful as humanly possible. She is a graduate of Octopus Garden’s 200hr YTT and is currently finishing the 300hr program with Scott, Pat and company.

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  1. Lovely Megan, its brings tears in my eyes.


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