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The Secret of Chaturanga.

Chaturanga Dandasana is one of those poses that you either love or absolutely dread. Here, in this helpful tutorial with the assistance of his cat, Barnaby, David breaks it down.

Curious about the history of the pose or want to know more? Click here and here.

David Good has made a declaration to be an awesome and inspiring yoga teacher, to the world. He believes that yoga is a way to discover our hidden potential. His passion is to create a community on and off the mat; an inclusive sangha of individuals practicing together, learning together and living together…davidgoodyoga is that community. David’s quest is to share his passion for yoga and give everyone the gift of yoga in their lives. Join the davidgoodyoga renewal revolution, offering free yoga sequences, health and wellness videos from his Holistic Nutritionist Kate and interviews from yogis all over the world that have helped shape his path. David has created the perfect way for beginner’s to experience yoga for the first time—or for more experienced yogis to rewind their practice and work on alignment, building their poses from the ground up, with strength. His teaching style is an educated approach to yoga, rich with alignment cues and awesome, vigorous flows. The practice will leave you feeling like you learned something about your body, while nurturing your soul. Find him on Facebook and Twitter.

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