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The Magic of Restorative Yoga.

photo: Bryonie Wise

If you have ever been to a restorative yoga class, you know what a magical experience it can be.

We asked Scott Davis during a recent information session, to share with us how he came to his restorative practice, the importance of restorative to our everyday lives and what we can expect from his upcoming Restorative Teacher Training.

Click here to listen to what he had to say.

Scott weaves into his restorative teachings the 5-element theory of Traditional Chinese Medicine, linking our practice with nature; with the flux of seasonal changes, he develops the sequences to produce the greatest benefit to the mind, body and soul.

Here’s a Restorative Transitional Season Sequence for early Fall:


1. Improve digestion/absorption and transformation/transition.
2. Strengthen and connect to the abdominal centre and core line of the body.
3. Organ = spleen/pancreas, stomach.
4. Increase balance, harmony and equilibrium through pose/counter-pose sequencing.
5. Improve the health of the muscle tissues and the action of holding the blood.
6. Element = earth; connect to the healing power of the earth element and all that that entails.
7. Emotional spectrum = mindfulness/equanimity to anxiety/worry.
8. Paramita = generosity.

Props needed:

2 blocks
2 straps
2 blankets
1 bolster
1 chair
1 sandbag
1 eye pillow


  1. Centering/Cocooning (connects to physical center and creates a healthy energetic boundary to support healing).
  2. Gentle seated twist (activates and vitalizes digestive system).
  3. Adho Mukha Svanasana with forehead support (inversion relaxes the downward pressure and load on the abdominal vicera).
  4. Matsyasana variation (expands abdomen and releases tension in digestive system).
  5. Balasana with bent or straight leg versions (gentle compression on abdomen to sooth and support digestion).
  6. Parvritta Balasana (gentle twist supports wringing action of digestive system).
  7. Supta Virasana (opens and releases stomach meridian).
  8. Upavista Konasana (opens and releases spleen/pancreas meridian).
  9. Setu Bandha Sarvangasana (promotes organic relaxation of digestive system).
  10. Chair Resting Posture w/weight on abdomen (soothes nervous system, promotes movement towards parasympathetic/”rest and digest” response).

Still not sure if restorative is for you? Check out our schedule and join us for a restorative class. Interested in registering for the upcoming training with Scott? Check out further details here. 

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