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The Meaning of Community.

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Sangha (Pali: सन्घ saṅgha; Sanskrit: संघ saṃgha; Wylie: ‘dus sde) is a word in Pali and Sanskrit meaning “association”, “assembly,” “company” or “community” and most commonly refers in Buddhism to the monastic community of ordained Buddhist monks or nuns. This community is traditionally referred to as the bhikkhu-sangha or bhikkhuni-sangha. Within this community those who have attained a higher level of realisation are referred to as the ariya-sangha or “noble Sangha”. (Wikipedia)

During last month’s Sangha gathering, we set the foundation of peace, for of our monthly meetings as a community. 

We asked you to open your minds (and your hearts) to consider what you were bringing into the space; creating a canvas of sound with our voices through chanting, exploring the meaning of ahimsa (non-harming) and satya (truth) in the context of community, weaving a rich tapestry of how we define community, using Patanjali’s Yoga Sutras as our guidelines on how we gather.

We asked you to step into the beginner’s mindset and to consider the value of having people around you that support you, engaging in the ancestral tradition of Sangha.

The upcoming Sangha will build on the ideals of creating conscious community by exploring what it means to be more fully alive and how the practice of yoga directly supports this process.

As a building community, we regularly engage in work that supports personal growth and evolution;at it’s most basic stripped-down philosophical essence, yoga is a practice of polishing and clearing away what obstructs a full aliveness and presence to Nature.

This practice needs to address all levels of our being in order to be ultimately nature-connecting. Just physical practice alone, however vital, will not build greater resiliency and spiritual transformation, unless combined with ways to regularly process difficult emotions, such as anger and grief.

Waking up, being more fully present and engaged in community, requires regular connection to both our own nature and the bigger context of Nature around us. Although this connection to nature is something that is ever-present, it often tends to be obscured.

How is it then that we can reveal what it is to be more fully alive and connected to a deeper sense of meaning?

Join us tomorrow, Wednesday, October 3rd, from 7:30pm-9pm, for our second Sangha gathering. 

Written by Scott Davis & Bryonie Wise

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