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The Barefoot Yogis: Growing the Light

photo via Maddy on Pinterest

This fall I will be travelling to India to visit Auroville, the renowned intentional-spiritual community.

I go not alone into this odyssey, for I am joined by the seraphic-magi, Megan Marie Gates, who is a recently anointed (but anciently inspired) yoga teacher and otherwise ecstatic renaissance woman of healing arts, passion poetry—and my musical partner in our Awen project.

We’re also going to be be exploring the south of India with a thirst for all things meaningful, wild, out-of nowhere-beauty and the sacred in whatever forms it may take.

We will be keeping (fingers crossed) a blog/vlog for those who wish to maintain awareness of our whereabouts.

The intent of our journey takes off from our starting point in Auroville, near Pondicherry, that was established by renowned sage and father of Integral Yoga, Sri Aurobindo, and his spiritual partner, Mira Alfassa, otherwise know as ‘The Mother.’

Auroville, ‘a universal city in the making’, was established in 1968, with the following as their creed:

“Auroville wants to be a universal town where men and women of all countries are able to live in peace and progressive harmony above all creeds, all politics and all nationalities. The purpose of Auroville is to realise human unity.” 

At present, Auroville is home to over a two-thousand ‘Aurovillians’ from some 45 nations, co-creating a new phase in human development and devoting themselves to manifesting divine consciousness on Earth.

Man, do I love their boldness. For myself, personally, this marks my second trip to a renowned intentional-spiritual community, having visited Findhorn with inspiring results, some years ago. This is ongoing research, in this realm, as I vision the potential of seeding something similar back here in Ontario (as so many do! wondrous!).

Megan and I are hoping to immerse ourselves in life in Auroville as best as we can and track down some of the old pioneers to extract some of their wisdom on the workings of this seemingly profound place. Yet, perhaps we won’t resonate—and BAM!—we’ll throw ourselves into the arms of a Southern Indian adventure! Can’t really go wrong either way, I feel, but there’s something about Auroville…

Below is the documentary which Megan sent me waaaaay back in May (I think?), which she shared with me coupled with this prophetic sentiment:

“Watch this video. We’re going to India.”

It actually took me some months to get around to finally watching this film, which I passed off initially as not a priority, as I was swept into a musical revolution and yoga teacher education. However, when one fine summer day I finally decided to watch the documentary, I became engulfed in the wise vision of a place I felt utterly compelled to visit immediately. And so, I ecstatically called Meg immediately after watching the film and said, flabbergasted:

D: Um, we’re going to India?
D: Yes, I did…and we’re going to India!!!
M: AHHHHHHH! (in the positive!)

Intentional Communities are popping up the world over—as part of a general awakening sweeping the masses, that we no longer need to fight outmoded social orders—but can create our own. There is a flooding open in this of the heart, and all of its majestic powers of creativity, spontaneous wisdom and beauty. So many in the communities I participate in, in Toronto, are decrying that it feels as though, despite the astronomical challenges we face, a growing sense of freedom of movement in ideas and navigating life, in all capacities, is widening and allowing for thriving discussions and creations of nothing short of human unity, globally and indomitably.

There is much good work to be done; an adventure, in fact, that is already surrounding our life, with possibilities of seeming infinite grandeur.

Megan and I also recently completed our 500hr Yoga Teacher Training at Octopus Garden and are eager to visit the motherland of this inexplicably amazing tradition of self-evolution. Get ready when we return, because we’re going to be co-creating some profound yoga classes together!

So stay in touch via our blog (the site that Megan has masterfully woven for us, with her skillful video work and ineffable joy for you to keep track of our wanderings) and I wish you the greatest Autumn.


Written by Darren Austin Hall


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