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Happy 2nd Octo-versary!

Today we celebrate two years at our College Street location! Join us for FREE CLASSES ALL DAY LONG!

The past two years have been full of love, laughter and light and we’d like to extend our thanks and gratitude to our ever-growing community for your dedication and support as we continue to learn and grow; we couldn’t have done it without you.

In honor of our anniversary, we asked members of the Octopus Garden Holistic Yoga Centre, team, both teachers and therapists, to send us some of warm memories and thoughts from the past two years. Here is what they had to say:

“In the summer of 2010, the present Octopus Garden was a hollow shell filled with plaster dust and stacks of drywall. Over the past 2 years, it has transformed itself, bringing into a increasingly rich reality the dream that Scott and Pat had of a thriving holistic yoga health centre.

Looking around now at the studios drenched in autumn light, at the beautiful wall units filled with props, inhaling the fragrance of newly baked muffins floating up to the second-floor studio during the early morning practice, and watching people emerge from the clinic with that warm glow of bliss that attends a treatment, are causes for ongoing wonder.

More important than the changes to the physical space are the energetic shifts; as we mourned deaths and welcomed new life into it, the power of the community grew. As we practiced, learned, healed, chanted, grieved and celebrated together, we wove a strong and supple fabric that binds us together in an integral community that supports our diversity and our individual journeys towards wholeness.”
~ Elizabeth Harvey

“Our new space feels like home to me. It’s a home where I am proud and honoured to welcome new and old friends, to share experiences, to celebrate progress and embrace challenges. I continue to be deeply joyous to be a part of the Octopus Garden community and am grateful to everyone who makes this space so special.”
~ Morgan Cowie

“When I came into the new studio two years ago, I was still newer to yoga and the community of OG, a young seedling sown in a newly tilled garden. Freshly enrolled in
the yoga education program, my life was beginning to transform itself, even as Octopus Garden was, starting in its new space. Shortly after opening, I was given the opportunity to help support my new sangha by working at the studio. What a blessing.

I have had the great honour and privilege of seeing all the seedlings landing in the garden, planting themselves and seeing them grow over the last two years, creating a beautiful multi-flowered community. Such a beautiful garden that keeps growing and growing, with care and attention and most of all, love. With a heart full of gratitude,”
~ Scottie Fech

“I love working at Octopus Garden and everyday I look forward to the smiling faces from coworkers, yogis, clients and people from the neighborhood. The best part is the ability to learn and grow on my path as a therapist, while being surrounding by others learning and growing, by following their own paths. Every day I find inspiration at Octopus Garden!”
~ Cami Rahman

“Aside from solid teaching in a sattvic space, Pat and Scott are doing the most important work of yoga culture today: community formation.”
~ matthew remski

“It was a wild transition, going from Bloor Street to College Street. We were using paper cards and a cash box—and went to computers and virtual management programs and plastic cards, pretty much overnight. I felt like a country kid moving to the big city—the first year  was a huge learning curve, like we were scrambling to lay down each brick on the road, before we could step on it—and we had to figure things out on the fly.

There was one period, early on, where there were three break-ins in the space of a month, each one teaching us something new about how to prevent the next one. And slowly, slowly, the systems fell into place. Great people at the front desk, great people making things happen behind the scenes, great people walking through the door to inspire us and each other. And better locks, yeah, more and better locks; like that famous Sufi saying: ‘Praise Allah, but first tie your camel to a post.’

That’s what I remember about the first year in particular; we all loved yoga and wanted to share what we knew—there was just a bit to learn about knots and ropes and hitches on posts. Two years later, we still love yoga and the camel is right where we left her, smiling back at us.”
~ Christine Alevizakis

“It has been such a joy and privilege  to witness the growth of such a warm and vibrant community. Walking through those doors always feels like home, and I am so grateful for these lasting friendships; a place to learn and go deeper and to share space with other open-hearted truth seekers.”
~ Kim McBean

“Two years makes for a whole lot of growth!  I am, admittedly, a creature of habit; this made shifting my practice location from the Annex to College and Dovercourt quite a challenge!  I had to change my bike route, walking route, discover new places to buy snacks and the list went on. All of my concerns were quelled when I walked into the doors of our new home.

I was struck by the spaciousness, inspired by the possibility of having two studios and keen to learn more about what was going on in the clinic. Greeted by an old friend, Alix Bemrose, at the desk, I signed up for a monthly membership, without hesitation. Two years down the road, I have grown from being a biweekly practitioner, to a teacher trainee, to a member of the management team. What a growth in responsibility, both for my own practice and for a space that I love. This is home!”
~ Taryn Diamond

“The new space on College Street has allowed us to realize our vision of creating a space for community, yoga and the discovery of what it means to be truly healthy!”
~ Scott Davis

“When Scott and Pat approached me about joining their team at OG, I jumped at the opportunity to work with them; what I didn’t know at the time is all the other amazing practitioners I would have the honor of working with. Over the past two years, OG has become my second home and the community, my second family. I am so grateful to be able to practice what I love in this yogic environment.”
~ Stacey  Hauserman

“As we unrolled our mats that very first day, foot prints left their mark to prove we had finally landed in our new home. Two years later, the roots have gone deep and a community has blossomed. I would never have guessed these four walls would soon become my family, my friends, my teachers and my career. I am so blessed and honoured to be a part of Octopus Garden.”
~ David Good

“What amazes me about being part of this community is to experience up close the power of a belief, filled with hope and love, take seed and watching it slowly grow and bloom over the past few years. It has been inspiring to be part of Pat and Scott’s passion for a yoga as a healing art and practice that transforms us all. I feel honoured to be part of this awakening and evolution within a community of like minded individuals.”
~ Elisse Peltz

“I’ve been re-reading Martha Beck’s book Finding Your Own North Star: Claiming the Life You Were Meant to Live. This book has reminded me about the joys and challenges we face, in digging into find our essential selves—and once we arrive there (if we are lucky enough to do so), the continuous effort required to live with honesty, integrity and commitment to our essential wisdom. The path is made easier with a community like Octopus Garden, to support each individual’s journey and to provide a place for practicing inner wisdom on—and off—the mat. I am honoured to be a part of the OG community and grateful for the wonderful individuals I have worked and played with in this community.”
~Lianne Krakauer

“When I walk though the doors of OG I feel a little like Alice, in a wonderland full of unique and incredible people I respect, admire and love. Being a part of this community has repeatedly shown me how to be “curiouser and curiouser!” about my life and the unlimited possibilities it offers.”
~ Rose Riccio

“Our home—this home—is where my heart is. It is a joyous place, full of the most beautiful, vibrant and diverse community and I am honored to unroll my mat out each day, surrounded  by love and the magic of October Garden.”
~ Bryonie Wise

“There was a day in August, 2010 when I stood amidst the rubble and tried to envision a warm, vibrant community of students, staff, therapists, and teachers co-existing in this space. On our 2nd anniversary, my dream is a reality; I am continually humbled and inspired by the joy, creativity, kindness and talent that surrounds me. Thank you, all.”
~ Pat Harada Linfoot

Photo: Marshal Linfoot


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