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Yoga and Sound

Music and sound have an integral place in the yoga tradition called nada yoga or sound yoga. The science of mantra has long been used as a way to invoke the power of sound and vibration to transform states of consciousness and even affect reality. For example, taking on a sadhana or spiritual practice of performing a mantra 10mins a day for a month can reveal the power of mantra. The simple Ganesh mantra, Om Gam Ganapataye Namaha, when recited is said to create a vibrational field which removes blocks in our lives, whether they be physical, mental or something else. Nada Yoga echoes the sentiments of most cutting edge quantum physicists, that reality is essentially an ocean of vibrations which motivate matter into particular forms. At our essence, everything is simply energy. Frequency is our identity. Yoga is a profound practice that physically changes our frequency to positive states of vibrations. How often do we leave a yoga class feeling utterly altered in a positive direction? Sound and music can also play even more direct roles in yoga. Chanting even a few OMs before one’s asana practice can help focus the mind and charge the body as our watery composition is incredibly receptive to sound (five times more than air). When our voice vibrates with sound, our whole body begins to literally vibrate on subtle, cellular levels. Moreover, when we pair the sound to an intention (such as my OM is an expression of peace, love or courage) the sound has a double-power of effect. Chanting at the end of class can also be a nice way to conclude by offering yet another soft vibrational bath of help cleanse the body further. And chanting in group creates instant resonance with one another, helping foster more and more unitive states among people. In this capacity, music really shows itself as the universal language par excellence.

Musicians themselves seem more and more keen to take on the inspiring knowledge of musical healing traditions that have ancient origins. Musicians can profoundly affect their listeners, inspiring even sacred states. It is my personal hope that more musicians start to realize that they are masters of vibration and are inspiring change on the most essential energetic levels of the world. This can help usher in a whole new paradigm of music-making to help restore the masses to more unity and harmony within and without.

May it be.

Written by Darren Austin Hall

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  1. What a lovely description. Looking forward to hearing your crystal singing bowls soon.


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