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Words of Three Hundred Hours

Words from the Students and Teachers
of the 300hr TT program

Final Weekend
September 2012




Hearing loving kindness and compassion freaked me out a little bit

Practice has been someone over there that I don’t want to talk to

Difficult to jump into the heart

Like a baby who doesn’t want to be born

Hard to let go of teacher’s mind in your own practice

I’m going to be really transparent here

It’s not about you, it’s about me

I saw all kinds of things except for me




Get away from self and the body knows how to move

Rock your hips back into downward dog and show off your real estate

Using body with sensation is really useful

Infuse the knowledge and transfer it to us

Letting it out would be much more powerful

Going inside transforms us into the best person we can possibly be

Everything is a mudra; a seal of inner bliss

Around me the breath was so strong

Love the mantra

Good at escaping; meditation forces us to stay

More comfortable in nature

Sacrifice is worth it even for a moment

Enlightenment—does it really exist?




We’re all here, but hidden from plain sight

You already are that which you are seeking

You are a wizard of bliss, a detonator of kundalini

You are a cupcake

Your edge is where you’re most alive

Reaching for and holding two disparate entities in your hand

And being able to taste them




Collected and Curated by Joanne Astley

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