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Lessons of 2012 – 300hr Teacher Training Graduates


On the eve of our upcoming 300-hour Advanced Teacher Training program we thought we’d check in with our previous graduates and ask them two questions:

What is a lasting lesson you learned during the 300-hour program?

What is something useful you learned that you apply to your teaching or life?

Here is what they wrote:

“A lesson I learned from the 300-hour program is to observe the stories kept in your shadows, and connect with your unique samskaras (life scars.) We can offer a special strength to our community from these struggles. Each path is different from the next; let’s bring the lessons from our path to meet, share and support each other!   Another lesson I took away that I have been able to apply to my teaching is connecting with the energy flow in myself and my students. I am expanding my ability to practice empathy for others in life/off the mat, and also in asana practice. This is a useful skill to develop as a teacher: trying to imagine the felt experience of the student’s body, can assist one to understand where an adjustment (verbal or contact cues) would be most helpful!”

-Martha Richardson

“Most important lesson for me is that there is no such thing as right or wrong…. Just a different effect.  This view allows me to be all things and experience all things. It fosters creativity and an open willingness for all the poses, people, places and circumstances… but more importantly, it takes away judgment and labeling. It gives me the gift of aparigraha – the ability to let go and to invite all things: positive/negative; pleasure/pain; victory/defeat; life/death. This is yoga!”

-Kelly Dominato

“I learned to “take the seat of the teacher”.  This to me means, listening in to my own experience, finding my authentic voice and offering my interpretation of yoga as a gift to others.  Not everyone will like me as a teacher, but my responsibility is to show up fully and teach from my highest place.  This takes courage and faith.  Pat and Scott held me accountable and provided space, guidance and support to work through this process.”

-Lisa Mitchell

“The balance between playful/expansive and steady/grounded is a huge lesson I took away from the 300 hour training. Basing my teaching on the qualities of sukha and sthira (sweetness and steadiness) has given me the foundation to create safe and playful space in my classes. The more we ground, root and centre ourselves the more expansive, bright and curious we can become.  Pat and Scott embody both of these qualities in such brilliant ways and have inspired me to keep my own practice as well as teaching rooted in both of these beautiful qualities.”

– Megan Marie Gates

“You must throw yourself into the river and start swimming to find the teacher you will grow to be. There is no miracle lesson or right point. Just practice, practice, and start speaking as you move. It’s already in you and has been growing there since you fell in love with yoga. Have faith and have trust. What you are learning to do here is find your voice. And you will.   So much consideration was given to being an effective communicator in the 300-hour program that I find myself applying much of what I learned to my corporate job, even if it has nothing to do with yoga on the surface. How to listen and to offer compassionate, effective feedback. Present complex ideas and movements in a manner that allows others to be themselves yet find the core thread of what matters to many. Generate workable solutions out of differing interests. This impacts in my professional interactions positively every day.”

-Anne Cloutier

“The endless possibilities to grow and learn as a teacher. The practice of learning non-violent communication. The course provides a safe, nurturing environment to learn and explore. Great sense of community and trust and respect amongst peers.”

-Barb Hill

“The single most important thing that I take away from my 300-hour experience is that the learning will never end. If you are a committed teacher, you will constantly hone your craft, rethink things, relearn things, try on many hats and forge a path toward your authentic voice. This path will be messy, by necessity, but the mess is life and I’m so very game to live it.”

– Taryn Diamond




For more information about our upcoming trainings, click here!

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