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How To Be a Consciousness Explorer:


Consciousness Explorers Club Code of Conduct

Here are some important confusing principles to keep in mind:

  • Be fearless.
  • Be generous.
  • Admit you don’t know. Explore anyway.
  • Help other explorers when they’re tired. Lean on them when you are. Point them towards the source when they’re lost.
  • Throw parties.
  • Un-fixate. Everything passes.  Even you.
  • Learn to enjoy paradox.
  • Create opportunities to serve, but don’t tell anyone about it.
  • Forgive yourself. Forgive others – “for everyone you meet is fighting a great battle” (thanks Philo of Alexandria).
  • Practice handstands.
  • Never miss a Halloween.
  • Be kind to animals and shrubs.
  • Meditate every day. Or pray.  Or get curious about geology – anything that expresses your wonder at being part of this whole hilarious existence.
  • Cultivate equanimity, a liquidy sensorial and behavioral smoothness.
  • Fight war, because, really, what’s it good for?
  • Call yourself on your own shit so other people don’t have to.
  • Stop boring people with your absolutist theories of reality, especially if you are nondual.
  • Plant a tree.
  • Disregard all rules.

Created by Jeff Warren


Intrigued? So are we!!

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