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Doug Keller at Octopus Garden – Nov. 1-4th

“My husband was in Iceland, land of mystical horses, thermal baths and crystal clear water.  I was in Dayton Ohio, birthplace of aviation!  It wasn’t the intriguing car ride along the Interstate 90 that brought me to Dayton, it was Doug Keller.  He is hands down the most complete, whole teacher I have ever worked with and if the purpose of yogic study is to bring us closer to our whole and full potential then I couldn’t think of a better person to spend the weekend with.  He can seamlessly interweave the teaching of the Vedas into a Therapeutics class.  It is Doug’s ability to approach every class he teaches with an open and generous humility that allows the information to settle in the body.  This is the adjective that I would use for Doug’s teaching – a settling – it reaches deep inside and it sticks.  Asana, Pranayama, Meditation, Therapeutics, Philosophy, humour.  Doug Keller is simply the whole enchillada and should not be missed.”
– Natasha Priest
Doug Keller will be gracing us with his knowledge in a full weekend of workshops at OG in November!  Click HERE for information.

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