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In the depths of Winter and cold and flu season – how can you stay healthy?

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_MG_5903As January sinks it’s icy fingers deeper into us, we might find ourselves struggling to ward off the season’s cold and flu bugs. Lack of sunshine, the added stress of frigid weather (getting chilled can lead to getting a cold), being forced to spend much of our days indoors breathing stale, contaminated air, and being surrounded by family or coworkers who have already caught the ‘bug’ – these all contribute to compromising our own health and immune system.

While we can’t wear a gas mask in the office or check into a hotel when someone at home catches a cold, we can take preventive measures that reduce our susceptibility to infectious agents and increases our immune response to the same. Healthy lifestyle choices,  like good nutrition combined with homeopathic treatment, is a sure fire way to achieve this goal.

Homeopathy is a holistic system of vibrational medicine that uses highly diluted natural substances to stimulate the body’s own healing mechanism (of which the immune system is one part). Developed over 200 years ago by the German physician Samuel Hahnemann, homeopathy understands illness as an imbalance in the life force of an organism. Restoring balance restores order and health in the body, mind and spirit. A strong, balanced life force is less susceptible to external contagions and is more able to effectively fight unwanted agents in the case the organism has been compromised.

Homeopathy can be used both preventively as well as acutely. Preventive homeopathic flu protocols have been successfully used all over the world for many decades. Numerous surveys have placed the efficacy of the flu prevention protocols at ~90%. Acute treatment can, if started early enough, nip the bug or if that is too late, reduce the severity and duration of flu/cold symptoms naturally and holistically. All benefits come from a properly functioning life force – there is no masking of symptoms. Homeopathic remedies have no side-effects and no counter indications with other medicines and/or treatments, holistic or allopathic. This makes homeopathy a great choice for all, especially babies, seniors, pregnant women and sensitive, immune compromised individuals.

The same Homeopathic principles that apply to treating colds and flus apply to treating other acute illnesses (UTI, dental issues, stomach upset, trauma, injuries, etc.) as well as chronic illnesses (PMS, menopause, sleep issues ,allergies, thyroid conditions, gastric conditions, anxiety, depression, etc.). Come in to the OG clinic or book a free 20min consultation with clinic homeopath, Kanan Patel, to discuss how this incredible system of medicine can help you and your family.

Kanan Patel has a passion to help people (and pets!) regain their health and Vitality. Owner of Vital Life Homeopathy, Kanan has been using her back ground in science (PhD Astrophysics) and education and training in Homeopathy (DCHM) to bring her clients the best in holistic, natural and individualized health care.

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