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Kamal and I

by Meghan Muldoon

I met Kamal in 2009 in Kathmandu. I was looking for a guide to take me on a two week trek around Annapurna and he happened to come into the office while I was talking to the manager. He had a gentle and kind energy and as soon as I learned that he was one of their guides, I asked if he was available to guide me. It was one of those split second decisions that I was glad I made. Kamal is exactly as my instinct told me he was. He was patient and caring and saw me through all of the trials and tribulations of an inexperienced hiker. I had unforgettable adventure and am so thankful to him for an incredible experience.

Last week, when I heard the news of the earthquake in Nepal, I wrote him immediately to find out if he and his family were ok. I was relieved to hear that they were not injured but heartbroken to find out about the circumstances they are dealing with in Kathmandu. Kamal and his wife, Rita, along with their 11 year old son, their daughter and nephew who are both 7 years old and his two sisters have all lost their homes and are living under tarps. They have no where else to go and no idea of when they will have a home to return to. There are hundreds of thousands more like Kamal and his family in Nepal so please give generously.

Join us for our Nepal Fundraiser at OG on Wednesday, May 6th. We will have treats, 30 minute massages with Emanuel and yoga from 6-9 pm – all by donation. OG will match all donations. We will be giving the donations to Canadian Red Cross and the Canadian Government will be matching all donations.

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