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Why Detox?

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Detox in a bottle, detox in a juice kit, detox in your yoga class! It seems everywhere we turn this word is tossed at us. Behind all the hype is a process in the body that deals with toxins and gets rid of waste. Consider that a cross-Canada study by Environmental Defence (Neumann J et al. (2005) Environmental Defence Toxic Nation: A Report on Pollution in Canadians) found that on average participants had 44 chemicals in their bloodstreams, including carcinogens, hormone disruptors, respiratory toxins and reproductive toxins. More than ever in history, we are exposed to toxic food, toxic personal care products, toxic air and toxic water. While the body is designed to be able to eliminate toxins, it is being exposed to a much larger load than evolution bargained for. So, the detox hype is definitely warranted! However, we need to do this properly and that doesn’t mean fads, but a thorough understanding of how to help the body’s detoxification systems.


Some symptoms of toxin overload (or sluggish detoxification) include fatigue, aches, joint pain, sinus problems, bloating, gas, diarrhea, constipation, heartburn, sleep disturbances, cravings, skin issues, PMS, excess weight and difficulty losing weight.

Detoxification does not have to be about deprivation or fancy supplements. Your body detoxifies best when it’s given the resources it needs to do that – healthy food! Our detox is designed to nourish your body with foods to help it balance blood sugar, support liver detox pathways, improve digestion and reduce inflammation. We’ll introduce lifestyle tips to reduce exposure to toxins and to help remove them through enjoyable activities, like detox baths.

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Fall is a fantastic time to try a detox. It’s an opportunity to let go of summer indulgences and shift to seasonal foods that prepare the body to survive the winter months with optimal health and vitality. Our group detox program will help you to strengthen your immune system and build adrenal reserves to better handle stress using real foods and delicious recipes.

It all begins on October 25th, find out more here!


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