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How to pack for a yoga retreat

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If you’re like me, packing is a sport. Expertly rolling shirts and tucking socks into the crevices is like real-life Tetris, usually without the monotonous soundtrack. And don’t get me started on my hoarding of travel-sized anything (they’re just so cute.) So when it comes to attending a yoga retreat, feeling prepared for a break from office attire and lunch bags requires a different attention. When you find the time to organize a lifetime of necessities into a weekend bag, keep the following four items in mind.

Packed for travel


Stretchy Clothes

When you begin pairing tops with bottoms, and shoes with accessories, snap out of it! There’s no runway on a yoga retreat, and absolutely no need for Louboutins (unless you’re wearing them everyday to justify the cost.) With sensation at the forefront of our upcoming July retreat, let’s forget the feeling of tight denim, stuck zippers, and impossible-to-navigate-on-the-first-try buttons. All tights all the time are acceptable and I suggest you take full advantage of it. Oversized, one-fits-all gear is also totally campfire appropriate, as long as you watch for flying embers.


I understand that there’s a general impression that yoga retreats have a certain requirement to abstain from all things that could make you feel guilty. And although our retreats feature some incredible vegetarian fare (dessert included,) go ahead and pack some of your famous homemade cookies, or favourite late night treats. Snack stashes will certainly lead to friendship if you’re open to sharing! Don’t stop there, your guilty pleasure fan-fiction is good here too. And, if you’re worried that something isn’t very “yoga,” let that go; don’t give up what you love for the weekend, incorporate it.


I don’t know about you, but the difference between a bad sleep and a great one is the pillow I lay my head down on. Sure, it may be a bit “princess and the pea” of me, but you’re going to want to catch a good night’s rest if you’re planning on getting in all the yoga you can handle! Meditation can also be pretty difficult when sheep are jumping through your mind, and sleeping isn’t the only time comfort should be considered. Meditation pillows are helpful for outdoor meditation sits when rocks, mud, or roots are present.


Truth is, you can have an amazing time at a retreat without a single scrap of lycra, cookie crumb, or any meditation pillows. The real must-pack items are a sense of adventure, optimism, and fun! Allowing yourself to open up to possibility, to meet obstacles, and to give yourself permission to feel is what a yoga retreat is all about. With the support of the teachers and community surrounding you, you might be surprised by what new relationships you’re able to foster or strengthen with yourself and the universe around you. You can actually think of your ability to to open up in this way as an ‘unpacking.’ Pretty cool, right?


It’s time to open to whatever will happen by enrolling yourself for our July retreat. Your body, mind, and soul might just thank you. Space is filling up fast, so call us at 416.515.8885 or email us at today!

By: Eva Lampert

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Three things you’ll forget on a yoga retreat

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There’s no denying it. When we get in to “vacation mode,” we feel like completely different people. Maybe it’s the sweatpants, or the way we can’t seem to say no to anything (conga lines definitely included), but throw in some yoga, meditation, and a buffet, and you can imagine why yoga retreats are becoming more and more popular. Below are three things you’ll surely forget about your city-life of the past when you join us on our July Sensations Yoga & Meditation retreat.


You’ll forget that you’re not an animal, insect, or free spirit 

In the city, dogs are on leashes, insects are squashed, and the only free spirits you encounter in a day are likely toddlers. But have you ever noticed how it only takes a few minutes of playing with a puppy, walking barefoot on fresh cut grass, or floating in a body to water to suddenly feel so much more like yourself? Besides, being out of the city means justifying all the sandals, flower crowns, and crochet tops you’re so in to right now. Bark, crawl, or dance to your heart’s content. We guarantee you’ll forget why dress shoes were invented, or how you came to own so many pairs.

You’ll forget how to update your social media platforms

I know first-hand how enjoyable sharing photos of your lunch with friends and complete strangers online can be. But you what else is nice? Not dealing with another notification, email, or last minute call in to work. Besides the obvious lack of wifi hotspots that mother nature seems to have, retreats have a way of changing your priorities and filling your schedule with more than you’ll care to post. Just don’t panic when you get home and have about a billion events and requests to decline.

You’ll forget what it’s like to feel stressed out

The warmth of the sun on your face, the way fresh air smells, and not having to do your own dishes will relax you more than all the epsom salt baths your tub can handle. In fact, life’s big and little stresses can seem miles away without having to hop a plane. Make a groovy playlist, pack a couple of vegan snacks, and let the drive North be better than getting the centre seat. You’ve already let go of tights clothes and social media, so what else could possibly stress you out more?


 Photos of Sugar Ridge Retreat Centre


We know that reading this has likely made you want to throw caution to the wind, toss your computer or device enthusiastically out the window, and enrol yourself in this one-of-a-kind experience. Do yourself a favour and read all about our July adventure HERE before you do. Then be sure to give us a call at 416.515.8885 so we can get you enrolled with enough time to pack. Space is filling up fast, and the sidewalks aren’t getting any cooler.

By: Eva Lampert